Scholarship 2024-2025

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Arakan Humanitarian Association is pleased to announce its annual scholarship for undergraduate and postgraduate studies, with the following features:
  • The scholarship covers all scientific and humanities disciplines except for medicine, dentistry, and aviation.
  • It encompasses all stages of higher education (Bachelor's, Master's, Ph.D.).
  • The scholarship includes a variety of cultural, training, and recreational programs aimed at developing the student's personality and providing them with essential skills for success.
  • It provides a social incubator for students, offering them a motivating environment and fostering outstanding relationships with their fellow students.
  • Duration: The scholarship covers the entire duration of study for each stage.
  • Location: Turkey/Istanbul.
- Application for the scholarship starts from 01-05-2024 and ends on 30-05-2024.
- The scholarship includes the following benefits:
  • Partial or full tuition fee waivers.
  • Monthly allowances for accommodation.
  • Monthly allowances for living expenses.
  • A consultancy team to assist in various stages of scholarship application process free of charge, and to respond to applicants' questions and inquiries.
Students who achieve high grades during the first year will receive a full scholarship for the following years, covering 100% of tuition fees, along with accommodation and living expenses, and participation in leadership development and training programs from international entities.