Rohingya’s Current Situation

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  • More than 1.500.000 of Rohingya Muslims fled to Bangladesh due to the military campaign against them. 
  • Most of the Rohingya Muslims’ properties and homes were destroyed in several cities in the province of Arakan.  As a result, they escaped to the neighboring areas and other countries.
  • There has been a significant rise in the number of refugees in the UN camps and the random camps which are described as the worst in the world.
  • There is an ongoing media obscuring by the Myanmar Government  where journalists and media personnel are not allowed to cover the situation of the Rohingya.  
  • Martial laws are imposed for a prolonged period during which the Rohingya people are randomly arrested and they would not be released before paying an exorbitant parole.
  • Increasing abuse of women, looting of funds, confiscation of property, forced labor, and religious discrimination.
  • Encouraging ethnic Rakhine and Buddhists living in Arakan province to persecute their Rohingya neighbours by providing them with weapons.
  • Restricting the access of international and Islamic aid and the entry of humanitarian organizations into the region.
  • The government is insisting on denying citizenship to the Rohingya and denying them all their rights.