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Islam in Rakhine (Arakan)

Historians record that Islam reached Arakan at the Abbasid dynasty age ruled by Harun AlRashid in the seventh century. Through Arab merchants. Islam spread among the inhabitants of the land called the Rohingyas and they then declared theirs’s an independent state and the city of Akiab as the capital.


Islamic kingdom of Arakn 

It was declared in 1430 and ended in 1784. ruled by 48 Muslim kings for more than three and a half centuries , Muslims constructed mosques , schools and libraries before the city was invaded by Alaungpaya , the Buddhist of the Rohingya and their continuous suffering . %15 of the population of Myanmar were Muslims , half them lived in Arakan %70 of the people of Arakan were Muslims all that was before the events that took place in 2012 . now, they are estimated to be almost 800,00 left.