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Arakan Humane Society volunteer platform for volunteering and electronic publishing. 


Our message to you:

We invite you to join ‘The Initiative’ platform to embark on a very different and unique voluntary and humane journey. 


The gesture platform aims to:

- Provide the largest number of suitable volunteers for the volunteer opportunities offered by the Arakan Humanitarian Society in accordance with the principles of volunteerism. 

- Develop and build the capabilities of volunteers. 

- Provide opportunities for young people from Arakan province to offer something to their community and make a positive difference. 

- Prepare volunteers through training programs on volunteering skills and teamwork. 


If you want to join a voluntary work environment, you believe that you have a talent in one of the following areas: 

- Electronic publishing and observation

- Creating online content 

- Visual production

- Design 

- Documenting a logo on pictures

- Photography

- Voice over

- Singing ‘nasheed’

I want to be a volunteer